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Last Updated: 8/6/17
Aggrarity added.

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    This isn't an exhaustive collection of my My Little Pony kitbashes, there's also some in the Transformers PVCs and ASH Kitbashes galleries. There's also a lot of pony-themed stuff in my Warmachine Miniatures work.

   In late 2013, I contributed to the Kickstarter for Pewter Ponies, a series of "not quite violating trademarks" gaming minis based on MLP. I kicked in for the basic 21 ponies (12 generics, 3 sorta-alicorns, Mane 6 riffs) plus the freebie Muffin Mare.


   In 2015 I bought from a different company's pony-based miniatures Kickstarter. Most of the stuff I bought was turned into Cygnar minis from Warmachine, some canonical, some more of an "Iron Kingdoms RPG" sort of thing. (Also got some Doctor Who ponies, but those won't go in this section.) Unless otherwise noted, all were done in Spring 2015.


   The Impact Miniatures set I got also included some Doctor Who ponies (called "Time Traveler 4" and "Time Traveler 11"), and I got a miniatures scale TARDIS from local caster Models & Miniatures. It's not actually pony-themed, but I'm putting it here anyway.